Take Off Using The GeoMOOSE Checklist Below:


  • Web based collaborative GIS software – team members can create, share and analyze geospatial data simultaneously in real time
  • Host locally, in the cloud, or through several different Software-as-a-Service providers
  • Works on any web enabled visualization platform – touch screen functionality with 3.0 or higher
  • Web connection is not required on any server capable platform (e.g. Raspberry Pi or higher)
  • Features a unique distributive data ownership model – access to the most current authoritative data sources is always available
  • Data owners control both extent of data available and permissions to see it
  • Fully compliant Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards architecture – ensures an incredible range of maps, data and real-time feeds well beyond the capabilities of most commercial platforms are easy to add
  • In continuous development since 2003 with a diverse and well established developer community that continues to grow


  • Cost – $0
  • Data – Owner retains exclusive ownership without any annual fees
  • License – Free and Open Software so code can be modified locally to support community or industry specific needs without paying additional fees to some commercial vendor


  • Works straight out of the box – but customization possibilities to give it a polished, professional appearance are near endless
  • Robust and well known development environment:
    • MapServer
    • OpenLayers4/React
    • Javascript
  • Multiple views of data sources can be configured
  • XML based MapBook configuration file for user interface, source layers and tools
  • Modular design facilitates integration with non-spatial systems (such as asset management)
  • Available displays can be tailored easily:
    • MapViewer
    • Side Menu
    • Navigation
    • Tabbed User Controls

Data Management

  • Distributed architecture allows data maintenance by multiple owners
  • Seamlessly integrates with MapServer/GeoServer to provide database exchange connections such as:
    • Oracle/Spatial – With Oracle Client
    • MSSQL/Spatial – With Client
    • Postgres/PostGIS
  • Open Geospatial Consortium compatibility using WMS/WFS (Transactions in development)
  • Read/write via MapServer and GDAL/OGR
  • Access a wide range of online maps available through:
    • ArcGIS REST
    • MapServer / GeoServer
    • Bing
    • OpenStreetMap
    • VirtualEarth
    • Tilecache
    • WMS + WFS
  • Discover and filter from data catalogs
  • Flow data between multiple production points that are using diverse platforms (AutoCAD, ESRI, QGIS, etc.)
  • Publish almost unlimited number of layers
  • Full touch screen capable with 3.0 and higher
  • Portable – can be configured to operate offline
  • Expanded location information always available via Id tool
  • Browser navigation memory
  • Print to PDF using output from web browser
  • Many in-screen tools:
    • Measure
    • Measure
    • Draw
    • User defined shapes
    • Query
    • Fade
    • Re-order
    • Reprojection
    • Jump-to zoom
    • Multiple coordinate readout