At its core, GeoMOOSE is web-based software for displaying cartographic data from numerous sources. In one interface it can show the universe of geospatial data available in your organization, and, if desired, it can also incorporate publicly available data and maps such as Bing, OpenStreetMap and many more.

There Are Many Different Ways to Think About GeoMOOSE's Features...


GeoMOOSE comes with an amazing range of basic capabilities that will empower your data and users. Although we only feature four of them at this link, a review will leave little doubt there are more in the tool box.

Consumer View

If you don't care about all the techno-geek stuff and just want to visualize how GeoMOOSE works - this page is for you!

Example Sites

Nothing more powerful than seeing how other folks are using GeoMOOSE. We feature three sites. If that's not enough, we provide links to a bunch more...



Features Checklist

For all those pilots or want-to-be's out there, here's a features checklist that will get you out of the gate and on your way to a smooth ride at cruising altitude. Check it out.

GIS Manager View

Is your geospatial data scattered all around your organization? Here's the way to visualize why GeoMOOSE is the answer to this problem, and the ticket to a BIG promotion.

Live Demo

Take it for a test drive. You know, the kind you would never do with the salesman in the car - but the kind when fate gives you a rental car of interest. So stomp on it, bang it around the corners, try to break it.  We dare you.

Are You One of those People Who Likes Words Better Than Pictures?

GREAT, this section is for you!

GeoMOOSE According to OSGeo Live:

"GeoMOOSE is a browser based mapping framework for displaying distributed cartographic data. It is particularly useful for managing spatial and non-spatial data within county, city and municipal offices (from which GeoMoose originated). It extends the functionality of MapServer and OpenLayers to provide built in services, like drill-down identify operations for viewing and organising many layers, selection operations and dataset searches.

GeoMOOSE is fast, performing well with hundreds of layers and/or services at a time. Data from multiple custodians can be maintained with different tools and on different schedules as each map layer has it’s own set of configuration files for publishing, symbols, templates as well as source data.

The user interface is easily configurable, and additional services can be added through a modular architecture."

Need the above description in a language other than English?  In that case, just click the picture to the left and then select any of the 11 other available languages that can be found along the top bar.

(Sorry about the picture thing, we couldn't resist.)

Oh My Gosh - Still Need More Info to Be Convinced GeoMOOSE has an Amazing Range of Features that make it the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Have we got a deal for you!

Check out Joella Givens and Sally Wakefield's slide deck from their Georilla presentation given on May 25, 2016, at the Upper Midwest Geospatial Conference.

Bottom Line: Multi-Platform Software to See ALL Your Data


GeoMOOSE is available for use on the traditional desktop. Using a desktop provides the best visualization and functionality as all the tools and data are easily centralized on the screen. The best thing about GeoMOOSE is that you can access your data from ANY desktop because it is a web-based software.


You might often find yourself in the field needing to access your map sets, and GeoMOOSE effectively provides for this need. GeoMOOSE is a flexible software that can be used on any mobile platform. Simply pull out your tablet or smartphone, and you can view all of your map sets in the palm of your hand.

Full touch screen capability starting with GeoMOOSE 3.0!

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