How much does GeoMOOSE cost?

GeoMOOSE is absolutely free with zero strings attached. There are no hidden upgrade requirements, trial periods, or any of that nonsense.  However, like National Public Radio and other free-to-use public service efforts, funded developmental projects, sponsors and donations are "critical habitat" to GeoMOOSE.

How has GeoMOOSE been funded in the past?

In 2007, the federal government funded the first release of GeoMOOSE so that communities, nonprofits and professions with limited funding could place their geospatial information online for free. Since that time, a devoted group of programmers has donated their personal time to continue GeoMOOSE's development and expand product outreach. In addition, grants and support services have been contributed by various units of government and nonprofits as a way to add special features or accelerate a development cycle. The Minnesota Department of Transportation funded the most recent release, GeoMOOSE 3.0, which completed development in August 2017.

How did the GeoMOOSE project get started?

See the About page for the short version.  The GeoMOOSE Story page provides details.

I see this website is hosted by SharedGeo.  Who are they?

SharedGeo is a St. Paul, Minnesota 501 (c) 3 nonprofit founded in 2008 with the mission of developing and promoting use of geospatial technologies for the public good.  The original group of GeoMOOSE programmers are part of SharedGeo's development team.  For more information, please visit the SharedGeo website.

Do I need any special hardware to use GeoMOOSE?

No, all you need is a web server (local or online) to host GeoMOOSE. Then use whatever hardware you have to connect - desktop, tablet, or smartphone.  Installing GeoMOOSE can be a GREAT class project for teaching students about online maps, data collection and editing.

How do I download GeoMOOSE?

Navigate to the GeoMOOSE developer website at by using the download button on the Install page. Current and previous versions of GeoMOOSE are available there for download.

How does GeoMOOSE store my data?

GeoMOOSE can store your data using many different methods. That data can then be made available across multiple types of visualizations platforms in different formats.  See the Consumer View and GIS Manager View in the Features section for expanatory diagrams.

What programming languages were used to create GeoMOOSE?

JavaScript and HTML

What programming languages can I use to enhance GeoMOOSE?

JavaScript is the core language of GeoMOOSE.

I'm a developer, where can I get more information?

Head over to

What organizations use GeoMOOSE?

Logos for some of the organizations can be found on the Home page of this website.  A list with some other users can be found on the Example Sites page.

Who funds GeoMOOSE development?

GeoMOOSE is funded by:

  1. Project work paid for by end users (that code is then made available to the greater user community), and
  2. Charitable donations from organizations and individuals.

How can an organization donate to GeoMOOSE?

Grants and donations from organizations go a long way toward building a dynamic GeoMOOSE developer and user community. Please contact SharedGeo using the information on the Contact page if your organization would like to contribute or is willing to pay for development of a new feature.

How can an individual donate to GeoMOOSE?

SharedGeo maintains a "set aside" account for GeoMOOSE donations. All funds so donated are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and are only used for the purpose of supporting GeoMOOSE. Checks can be sent to SharedGeo at the address shown on the Contact page, or donated online here.

Where can I get help and support for GeoMOOSE?

Please see the Install page for that information.


If you still have questions, Contact Us using the button below.